Sunday, April 1, 2012

First post and some old mixes

I started this blog to keep track of my long and slow progress as a musician.

Here's my brief musical history::

Piano- learned piano between 5 and 12. Didn't really continue or keep up with it. I do still use a keyboard but mostly for Midi piano recordings.
Clarinet- Played clarinet for about 2 years between 12 and 14. I didn't continue this either. I picked it because the instrument looked cool and I ended up becoming bored with it not long after.
Drums- I picked up drums in high school to join an alternative band with some friends. This was the most fun I have had with an instrument so I continued to play drums throughout college. I eventually stopped this too. Practice requires a sound proof room and It's as fun without nearby band members.

Sound Software- I started dabbling with sound software during my AI (Art Institute) sound design classes. I've made some music with  acid, soundforge, cubase and the kontact series, nothing complete but mostly pieces of songs and rough ideas.

Sound Recording Equipment-
  Nuendo Audiolink 96 and cardbus laptop card - aka RME Hammerfall DSP multiface
  This is still a great input box if I ever need to get a digital or analog signal to my comp.

These were two mixes recorded in 2008 on a 2x CDR-1000 MK3, DJM-800